This is the changelog hot off the CVS tree (it grabs the ChangeLog file from my local cvs area). What you may find in the released files may be a version behind.

It only gets updated when I re-run the website build scripts, so for the latest you can look at SourceForge's Git Changelog.

Changes in 22.22

  • Fixed typo in fuser which has -M on Debian #740275
  • pstree by default doesn't show threadnames, use -t to show as it disables compaction. SF Patch#33
  • PATH_MAX defined in pstree for FreeBSD Debian #750405
  • pstree ignores disappeared processes SF Patch#34

Changes in 22.21

Changes in 22.20

  • pstree sorts properly on names Debian #682014
  • fuser -m regresion fixed SF #3559232, thanks to hanpt
  • pstree finds orphaned processes SF#3537508
  • fuser finds unix sockets again SF #3502649
  • pstree finds pid 0 stops looping Debian #687829

Changes in 22.19

  • killall with no args exits again SF #3536526

Changes in 22.18

  • Added AC_CANONICAL_TARGET for target_os Debian #673485
  • sed doesn't have [0-9]+ replace with [0-9][0-9]*
  • assert in killall triggered for small lifetimes Debian #628617
  • killall MAX_NAMES off by one Debian #677428
  • Removed remaining parts of pidof

Changes in 22.17

  • Make it possible to use --enable-timeout-stat as well as --enable-timeout-stat=static for a static background process which does the final stat system calls
  • Add timeout.c/timeout.h for static background process which is able to read the file name from pipe, does the stat(2) system call, and writes the result back to a pipe.
  • Really add ASCII null at command string in add_proc() of pstree.c
  • fuser uses correct timeout_stat define Debian #661723
  • fuser is not compiled on hurd-i386 Debian #673485
  • No TEXTRELS in src/lists built as PIE on x86
  • Fake pstree root for kernels with hidepid turned on
  • More fixes for Cygwin SF Patch #3511920
  • pstree can show PGIDs SF Patch #3471056

Changes in 22.16

  • Use strncpy for COMM_LEN and make it 18 characters to cover brackets in name.
  • don't change COMM_LEN, it breaks matching long commands Debian #661145
  • Enable some harden AM_CFLAGS by default, use configure option --disable-harden-flags to not use it.

Changes in 22.15

  • Really apply patch for SF#31110178 RH#651794, SF#3317431
  • Conditionally use fork before stat calls SF#3427522
  • Patch from Corrina Vinschen for compiling on cygwin
  • Use ENOENT not EBADE for FreeBSD Debian #631566
  • Fix prstat typos
  • Stop zombies by using waitpid Ubuntu #876387 by Peter Holik, SF#3429674
  • Fixed minor older/younger typo in killall.1 thanks to Maikel Linke
  • Remove doubled content in src/lists.h
  • Add another 2 for thread brackets in pstree.c
  • Correct defines for timeout in

Changes in 22.14

  • Fix file descriptor as well as memory leaks in fuser
  • Strip @ symbol from file names read from /proc/net/unix
  • Above 2 changes close openSuSE bugs #536209, #529520, and #417841 and provided by Werner Fink
  • Applied patch from Werner Fink to avoid stat(2) on NFS mounts
  • Zeros process group memory - Patch by jgorig SF#3152925 RH#666213
  • fuser -m -s flags work - Patch by jgorig SF#31110178 RH#651794
  • fuser silent if /proc/swaps not available SF#3072134
  • ppc 64 support for peekfd by jgorig SF#3166444
  • jiffies now ULL in killall SF#3138538
  • pstree can show parents of a process. Patch supplied by Curtis Hawthorne SF#3135157
  • killall creates right size buffer instead of MAX_PATH Debian #623425
  • check for /proc/$$/stat not /proc/self/stat which is not available on hurd platforms. Same Debian bug as above
  • fuser understands IPv6 addresses, removed comment in fuser.1 that it doesn't Debian #609904
  • fuser -k only returns 0 if you kill something.
  • fuser doesn't complain if /proc//fd disappears SF3310990

Changes in 22.13

  • configure patch for x86_64 properly applied SF#3029302 by snowman123
  • patch configure so pt_regs isn't used on SuperH. Fix by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu in Debian #588986
  • Fixed so only mipsel not mips compiles peekfd

Changes in 22.12

  • In fuser, switched the ipv6 and ipv4 checks around Debian #581604
  • peekfd configure patch for x86_64 SF#2986027
  • peekfd works with ARM and MIPS thanks to patch by Arnaud Patard
  • peekfd off-by-one patch applied SF#1948351
  • pstree -a doesn't segfault on grsec kernels Debian #588152

Changes in 22.11

Changes in 22.10

Changes in 22.9

  • short option l returned in fuser Debian #539087
  • long options terminated with 0s Debian #551833
  • fuser only kills normal processes, patch thanks to Erik Li SF# 2892724
  • New fuser -M if you REALLY want mount points, patch thanks to Jeremie LE HEN SF#2899709
  • Fixed killall options for VTALRM and ILL Debian #559011
  • pstree -a does not compact threads Debian #525632
  • new program prtstat which prints contents of /proc/<pid>/stat Debian #281706
  • killall restricts by date. Thanks to George Danchev Debian #544657
  • long options terminated in pstree too to stop segfault
  • Re-worked fuser getopt again so -KILL options work Gentoo #297423
  • Fix off-by-one overflow in pstree SF# 2832375

Changes in 22.8

  • Added Czech PO file
  • rc1 update of Italian, Polish, Indonesian, Swedish and Russian PO files
  • Updated Finnish, Italian and Vietnamese PO files
  • Applied patch from Kari Hautio for lazy umount'ed filesystems SF#2545632
  • Applied patch from Anonymous SF submitter to fix killall -l Fixes SF#2002570
  • fuser will print mounts,nfs exports and swaps with -v Debian #356655 and SF#533958
  • pstree and fuser have long options Debian #517412
  • Fixed pstree -a off-by-one error in buffer, Debian #536243
  • Changed to not use CXX SF# 2789801

Changes in 22.7

2009-05-04 Craig Small

  • Updated Polish, Russian, Swedish and Indonesian PO files

2009-04-26 Craig Small

  • Changed fuser.1 so signal is SIGNAL to reduce confusion about wether or not it is a parameter Debian #517413
  • fuser.1 references pkill(1) Debian #517414

2009-03-27 Craig Small

  • Added Chinese (traditional) PO file

2009-01-14 Craig Small

  • Updated Russian PO file
  • Clarified -m and -c for fuser Debian #467289

2008-12-16 Craig Small

2008-12-05 Craig Small

  • Dynamically reallocate buffer for fuser patch from Don Armstrong

2008-11-11 Craig Small

  • Updated Indonesian PO file

2008-08-09 Craig Small

2007-11-19 Craig Small

  • Patch from Marcus Watts for better comm handling in pstree
  • Updated Hungarian po file

2007-11-13 Craig Small

  • Updated French and German po files
  • Fuser -m detects more open sockets SF patch #1728412 Thnks marienz

2007-11-07 Craig Small

  • Updated Italian, Chinese simplified, Dutch, Swedish and Polish po files
  • Removed old fuser

Changes in 22.6

2007-08-09 Craig Small

  • killall.1 mentions you can use -SIGxxx as well as just -XXX for signal Debian #431082

2007-07-04 Tomas Smetana

  • Added support for PPC architecture for peekfd

2007-06-25 Craig Small

  • Updated the Chinese simplified po file

2007-06-21 Tomas Smetana

  • Added support for x86_64 architecture for peekfd

2007-06-13 Craig Small

  • Added Chinese simplified po file

2007-05-31 Craig Small

  • Updated Dutch, Vietnamese, Polish and Italian translations
  • Patch for peekfd from Benno Schulenberg

2007-04-30 Craig Small

  • Fixed up NLS for fuser, patch from Benno Schulenberg
  • killall asks for Signal (procname) if not SIGTERM

Changes in 22.5

2007-04-18 Craig Small

  • Conditonally compile peekfd if the right registers are found

Changes in 22.4

2007-04-11 Craig Small

2007-03-02 Karel Zak

  • killall <path> does textual path comparision with value of the /proc/<pid>/exe link when a comparision with inode number failed. The old algorithme based on inode numbers doesn't work if since the process was started, the file at <path> has been replaced (e.g due prelink process).

2007-03-02 Craig Small

  • Added peekfd

2007-03-02 gettextize <>

  • m4/gettext.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/iconv.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/lib-ld.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/lib-link.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/lib-prefix.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/nls.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/po.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • m4/progtest.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.16.1.
  • (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump to 0.16.1.

2006-09-28 Craig Small

  • fuser tcp works on 64bit, after actually reading the submitted patch and applying it, thankyou nigel_ding, SF# 1551731
  • Added Russian translation SF Patch #1288068

Changes in 22.3

2006-08-09 Craig Small

  • Updated Hungarian PO file

2006-05-25 Craig Small

2006-04-05 Karel Zak

  • fuser return code set correcly in silent mode Debian #361639
  • fuser -l doesnt complain but list signal names only

2006-03-24 Craig Small

  • Updated Bulgarian and Italian PO files
  • Added Japanese and Hungarian PO files
  • Moved some NEWS into README
  • Removed killall flag from NEWS, its really OLDS
  • fuser -n tcp port,host,host2 parses correctly

Changes in 22.2

2006-03-09 Craig Small

  • Updated Nowegian and Vietnamese PO files

2006-03-07 Craig Small

  • Updated Polish and Dutch PO files

2006-01-27 Craig Small

  • Unix sockets work on all hosts now, including ones that don't have network device set to 0.
  • TCP/UDP6 sockets are found a bit better.
  • Makefile changed so signames builds in all locales. Thanks to Mike Frysinger for the patch.
  • Return code works

2006-01-23 Craig Small

  • Updated Swedish, Vietnamese and Italian PO files
  • Minor fixes for some error messages, thanks to Benno.

2006-01-13 Craig Small

  • Updated Polish and dutch PO files
  • Added Bulgarian PO file

Changes in 22.1

2006-01-12 Craig Small

2006-01-04 Craig Small

  • fuser signals eg -INT work better
  • removed space out of fuser man page for -signal

2005-12-16 Craig Small

Changes in 21.9

2005-12-16 Craig Small

  • Fixed install-exec-hook so only symlink pstree.x11 if file does not exist already.
  • Updated Vietnamese PO file

2005-12-02 Karel Zak

  • buffer overflow in killall scanf removed

2005-11-26 Paul Martin

2005-11-22 Craig Small

  • fuser can not use IPv6, for things like uClibc
  • configure has --disable-ipv6 for above

2005-11-15 Craig Small

2005-11-05 Rene Rebe <>

  • fixed print_matches to only print unmatched objects if -a is specified and to output the header for -v
  • Above patch fixes Debian #342765
  • fixed argument parsing to handle groups like -av again

Changes in 21.8

  • fuser returns 1 if no match found like before.
  • fuser.1 spells behavior correctly Debian: #337190

Changes in 21.7

  • Upgraded SELinux code to new api, thanks to Chris PeBenito
  • define rpmatch for libraries that dont have it
  • Fixed small typos in help, thanks to Benno Schulenberg fixes SF# 1150042
  • Completed change from Flask to SELinux, thanks to Benno Schulenberg
  • pstree works better with uClibc, thanks Mike Frysinger
  • fuser rewritten: possibly fixes Debian #312560
  • fuser prints F instead of f is access is write, thanks to Tet.
  • pstree checks to see it is a real tty Debian #326500
  • pstree shows child threads with {commandname} Debian #230924
  • better capitalisation with usage SF# 1150042
  • Added warning about fuser and tcp/udp access Debian #327813
  • pstree defaults to ASCII not VT100 until problems with terminals are fixed Debian #288856
  • fuser doesnt complain if it cannot scan some mount points Debian
  • Applied psmisc-21.4-alt-progname to find pstrees name
  • checks for tinfo library
  • both above fixes from ALTLinux
  • Added -u option for killall to kill process by user
  • Removed old FLASK_LINUX define in pstree
  • Added -r for to killall for regex matching for proc names
  • Thanks to Karel Zak from RedHat for the patches

Changes in 21.6


  • Minor typo (specificiation) fixed
  • Added closing bracket in fuser help
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Localised the yes/no prompts with rpmatch()
  • Fixed NLS problems and some double ))s - Thanks to Jakub Bogusz
  • Added Basque translation
  • More NLS related fixes - Thanks to Guillem Jover
  • killall aborts if it gets unknown flags Debian #250794
  • Symbolic link created properly for pstree.x11 Debian #250096
  • Strange mount points handled better Debian #178972
  • Added Catalan translation
  • killall can be case insenstive now
  • Warning in killall.1 about process changing names Debian #187941
  • Removed include termcap.h to fix RH include problem.
  • Added Vietnamese translation
  • Fixed --enable-flask logic SF#1094205
  • Added Norwegian Bokmaal translation
  • Fixed groff madness with fuser(1) Debian #298199
  • Added Dutch translation

Changes in 21.5

2004-05-25 Craig Small <>

  • Sven Dahl provides a patch for using psmisc with uclibc
  • Sid flag in options is d not S. SF#791537
  • Fixed typo in checking ss_family SF#845292
  • Lines not truncated using UTF-8 SF Patch: #757164 Debian: #151523
  • Case insensitve matching with -I flags SF Patch: #740662
  • inode and devices use ino_t and dev_t SF#:
  • Allow pstree to use ASCII characters with -A flag, patch by Branden Robinson Debian: #240973
  • Debug "here" statement removed
  • POSIX -m option added, part of SF Bug: #901841
  • fuser sends PIDs only to stdout, the rest goes to stderr. Changed for POSIX compatibility
  • Silently ignore -f option, for POSIX
  • Using automake 1.8 now
  • Built source signames.h not distributed in tar Debian: #240986
  • Manual page for fuser explains -SIG is ignored with no -k Debian: #222935

2004-04-05 gettextize <>

  • (SUBDIRS): Add m4. (SUBDIRS): Remove intl. (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable. (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath.
  • (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add m4/Makefile.

Changes in 21.4

2003-11-28 Craig Small <>

  • Typos in killall.1 fixed Closes Debian: #198189
  • fuser -ki now tells user default is N Closes Debian: #197356
  • pstree -a doesn't print space at end of line Closes Debian: #182099
  • Works with new sort flags +2 -> -k 3 Thankyou Andrew Walrond
  • pstree.x11 now just pstree with a trick Closes Debian: #201042
  • Icons for pstree, thankyou Tatlin! Closes Debian: #192636
  • Removed message if no processes found,
  • Excess blanks in fuser removed.
  • Two lines above close Debian: #212795

Changes in 21.3

2003-04-03 Craig Small <>

  • SELinux SID selection uses -d instead of -S to stop the confusion of signal names, no flags with upper case letters ok? Closes Debian: #193790, #163360
  • Doesnt segfault on long cmdnames, thanks Ben Low Closes Debian: #187241
  • Updated libtool and friends so it works on new coreutils

2003-04-03 Craig Small <>

  • More fixes for types, also some GCC 3.2 fixes, thanks to Stefan at SuSE

2002-09-27 Craig Small <>

  • Changed a long to a long long in pstree.

Changes in 21.2

2002-09-27 Craig Small <>

  • Big bug in pstree, pstree -a would often fail badly. swapped variable not set.
  • Removed pidof.1 and a variable not used.
  • Thanks to Peter Breitenlohner for all this info and Adam Conrad for the test ppc machine.

Changes in 21.1

2002-09-05 Craig Small <>

  • Added SELINUX patches from Russell Coker

2002-08-19 Craig Small <>


  • Added patches from James Morrison so it works on Hurd
  • Fixed UTF8 Problem. closes Debian #140960
  • Return for fuser -k will mean no.


2002-08-16 gettextize <>

  • (SUBDIRS): Add m4.
  • (SUBDIRS): Remove intl. (SUBDIRS): Remove intl. (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable. (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath.
  • (AC_OUTPUT): Add po/, (AC_OUTPUT): Remove intl/Makefile.
  • config.guess and config.sub are no longer syminks

Changes in 21 (15-MAY-2002)

  • signames.h is cleaned no more wrong signal types
  • More translatable strings
  • Added Portuguese Language (thanks to Edesio Costa e Silva)
  • Added Italian Language (thanks to Daniele Pagano)
  • Added French Language (thanks to Marc Léger)
  • Added German Language (thanks to Wolfgang Schorer)
  • Added Swedish Language (thanks to Joakim Mared)

Changes in 20.2 (18-OCT-2001)

  • Added NLS/gettext
  • fuser no longer assume st_dev is 0 for sockets, needed for kernel 2.4.12 and above, Thanks to Alexander Viro for the patch.
  • Search both IPv4 and IPv6 namespaces.
  • Added patch for pstree -u (SF Patch: #455932 )

Changes in 20.1 (31-MAR-2001)

  • command line -<num> put back in.
  • got rid of annoying "sending signal #" debug message
  • updated killall.1
  • updated killall usage
  • verbose now tells you what signal it is killing with.

Changes from 19 to 20 (14-DEC-2000)

  • New maintainer
  • Uses automake/autoconf to determine things
  • License changed to GPL
  • signames.h generated better (suggested by Grant Erickson)
  • uses getopt() for better command line stuff
  • makes less assumptions about process name, closes Debian Bug #53337
  • Doesn't use losetup for loop devices in fuser.
  • Better selection of process name (thanks to David desJardins)

Changes from version 18 to 19 (25-OCT-1999)

  • pstree: "static int" was only "static" (fix by Jeremy Buhler)
  • now uses cc -E instead of /lib/cpp (suggested by Kristofer Karas)
  • fuser: -s conflicted with -k (reported by David Hinds)
  • fuser: using -a with -s now yields an error
  • added a sanity check for signames.h (suggested by John Summerfield)
  • only "signals" < 100 are now added to signames.h, eliminating SIGSTKSZ

Changes from version 17 to 18 (1-NOV-1998)

  • fuser: usage summary listed -s (silent) as -q
  • fuser: fuser x/y yielded confusing error message if x/y doesn't exist (reported by Tigran Aivazian)
  • fuser: new option -i for interactive killing (like killall -i)
  • killall: tried to print a NULL pointer if full process name was unavailable and killing failed
  • killall: new option -g to kill process group instead of process
  • killall: cosmetic PROC_BASE changes (by Florian La Roche)
  • pidof: new option -g to show PGID instead of PID (by Florian La Roche)
  • pstree: new option -H to highlight process specified by PID
  • added -D_GNU_SOURCE to CFLAGS for glibc 2 compatibility
  • Makefile should now also work with bash-2

Changes from version 16 to 17 (17-FEB-1998)

  • fuser: now also handles /proc of recent 2.1 kernels (fix by Andreas Schwab; other fixed also proposed by Chris Wedgwood and Luca Berra)
  • pstree now properly handles init with PID = PPID = 1
  • fuser: no longer changes the name space for relative paths ending with the name of a name space (e.g. something/tcp)
  • fuser: now also reports mount points, swap files, and loop mounts
  • updated the fuser man page
  • killall: new option -w to wait for the killed processes to die
  • killall: didn't handle malloc failure

Changes from version 15 to 16 (28-JUL-1997)

  • killall: now gets the list of all PIDs before killing processes, thereby avoiding race between readdir and /proc (found by Boris Zentner)
  • make install no longer changes BINDIR and MANDIR if they already exist
  • changed psmisc.<version>.lsm to psmisc-<version>.lsm for consistency

Changes from version 14 to 15 (16-JUN-1997)

  • killall: killall -v didn't print the command name (fixed by Marty Leisner)
  • fuser: fuser -a <unix_domain_socket> could crash (reported by Helmut Geyer)
  • fuser: fuser -m didn't consider UNIX domain sockets (fix based on a patch by Andries Brouwer)
  • fuser: fuser -a /a /a /b no longer merges the first two entries
  • changed package name format from psmisc.<version> to psmisc-<version> to avoid annoyance messages from sunsite's archive scripts

Changes from version 13 to 14 (19-APR-1997)

  • killall: command-line parser didn't accept -signal (fixed by Chris Wedgwood)
  • pidof: minor man page correction
  • Makefile: pidof is now only installed when running make install-pidof
  • added a file with installation instructions (INSTALL)

Changes from version 12 to 13 (16-APR-1997)

  • fuser: didn't check for out of memory condition after malloc (oops !)
  • fuser: INET domain sockets can now be specified as [local_port][,[remote_host][,[remote_port]]]
  • fuser: now includes linux/kdev_t.h instead of linux/fs.h. This may break compilation with some ancient kernels.
  • killall: new option -q to suppress error message if no process was found
  • killall: man page didn't reset font properly
  • killall: now tries harder to handle very long names (> 15 characters) (proposed by Erik Thiele)
  • killall: new option -e to require exact name match
  • killall: now lists PIDs if invoked as "pidof" (proposed by Peter Daum)
  • minor Makefile change to eliminate need to patch for some versions of Linux

Changes from version 11 to 12 (7-APR-1996)

  • fuser is now able to look up INET and UNIX domain sockets
  • pstree: new option -n to sort its output by PID
  • pstree: new option -G to use VT100 line drawing characters

Changes from version 10 to 11 (20-SEP-1995)

  • added VERSION file
  • size of command name is now defined in comm.h - the old approach of obtaining values from linux/sched.h:struct task_struct doesn't work anymore)
  • signames.h is now generated from cpp output (linux/signals.h no longer defines them)
  • all commands now print the version number when invoked with the -V option
  • signames.h added to make clean
  • removed use of {,} expansion in mkdist
  • various minor documentation fixes

Changes from version 9 to 10 (28-MAR-1995)

  • fuser: now prints header before first path (used to be on same line)
  • fuser: fixed line wrapping for long paths (used to wrap too early)
  • fuser: fixed a NULL pointer dereference in add_file
  • pstree: now outputs strings obtained from termcap with tputs
  • some cosmetic changes (to avoid certain warnings if using -Wconversion)
  • updated e-mail address in README

Changes from version 8 to 9 (22-JAN-1995)

  • fuser: now works with Plan 9 semantics (i.e. what recent kernels use; reported by Harald Koenig, Nick Simicich, and others)
  • fuser: now also scans /proc/*/maps
  • fuser: fixed NULL pointer dereferencing when processes are created while fuser is running (fix by Pauline Middelink)
  • fuser: now resets effective uid to real uid before killing, thereby making suid installation a smaller security risk
  • pstree: fixed process tree truncation (fix by Andreas Schwab)
  • pstree: added support for UTF-8 line drawing characters (adapted a patch by Johan Myreen)
  • killall.1 now warns about potential compatibility problems with killall on other systems (proposed by Christos Ricudis)
  • added a copyright notice
  • updated e-mail address

Changes from version 7 to 8 (11-OCT-1994)

  • pstree: added -a to display command line arguments
  • pstree, fuser and killall: display an error message if /proc has no process entries (i.e. if it is not mounted)
  • killall: more detailed usage output
  • killall: added killing by file
  • fuser and killall: fixed generation of signal list to include SIGUSR[12]
  • fuser: now also accepts signal numbers
  • "make install": now also installs man pages; executable permissions changed from 755 to 555; now installs fuser in /bin, killall and pstree in /usr/bin
  • "make spotless": fixed typo
  • man pages: minor corrections and improvements

Changes from version 6 to 7

  • pstree: -h didn't work because of incorrect termcap usage
  • pstree: changed branch drawing from --- to -+-

    \- `-

  • pstree: fixed indentation inside compacted subtrees
  • fuser and killall: don't kill themselves
  • fuser: suppresses m(map) if file is e(xecuted)
  • mkdist now includes itself
  • minor updates on all man pages

Changes from version 5 to 6

  • pstree: unknown display width expressed as zero width (TIOCGWINSZ) is

    now correctly handled.

  • fuser: added -s for silent operation.
  • fuser: added non-zero return code if no processes using any file are


  • pstree and fuser: non-printable characters in command names (fuser: also in file names) are now shown as \nnn (octal). \ is shown as \\.
  • added "install" target to Makefile to install binaries in /usr/local/bin
  • minor updates on all man pages.

Changes from version 4 to 5

  • killall: added interactive and verbose modes (options -i and -v)
  • fuser: added 0.99pl11 support (changed /proc//lib to /proc//mmap)
  • fuser: mmap'ed files and shared libraries are now marked with "m"

    (shlibs were marked with "s" and mmap'ed files weren't marked at all)

Changes from version 3 to 4

  • killall and fuser: now accept signal numbers too.
  • pstree: added listing of process trees by user name.
  • pstree: compaction sometimes generated wrong output.
  • fuser: did only recognize the first occurrence of a file when using the options -u or -v.
  • changed Makefile to create stripped impure executables.