PSmisc - Small utilities that use the /proc filesystem


This PSmisc package is a set of some small useful utilities that use the proc filesystem. We're not about changing the world, but providing the system administrator with some help in common tasks.

There is options for using SELinux if you need it and fuser understands IPv6. It also speaks various languages using the gettext facilities.

Other pages

You will find the Sourceforge Project Page of interest to get project status.

The Utilities

The package contains the following programs:

  • fuser - identifies what processes are using files.
  • killall - kills a process by its name, similar to a pkill found in some other Unices.
  • pstree - Shows currently running processes in a tree format.
  • peekfd - Peek at file descriptors of running processes.


Up to version 19, psmisc was licensed using a license similar to BSD-style. From version 20 onwards psmisc is licensed under the GNU GPL. My thanks to Werner for graciously allowing this change.